Join The Melanin Origins’ Family as a Brand Ambassador


Each Melanin Origins Book Series totals (7) books.  Series topics include:

 1.   African American - Complete


2.    African

a.    West - Liberia, Nigeria, & Ghana

b.    East - Kenya, Ethiopia, & Somalia

c.    South - South Africa

3.    Latin

a.    Mexico


b.    Puerto Rico

c.    Cuba

d.    El Salvador

e.    Dominican Republic

f.     Guatemala

g.    Colombia

4.    Asian

a.    China

b.    Philippines


c.    India

d.    Vietnam

e.    Korea

f.     Japan

g.    Arab -Preferably Iran or Mecca

5.    European

Mother 2.jpg

a.    Germany

b.    Ireland

c.    Italy

d.    Poland

e.    France

f.     Netherlands*

g.    Wales*

Authors:  Each author will write about a Melanin Origins approved lesser known historical figure that has been deceased for over a seventy (70) year period from the date of book publication.  The stories are to be written to a five-year-old audience and are to include notions of great achievement, empowerment, and leadership.  Struggle based notions are not accepted for this age group.  The manuscript will be a standard children’s book of 18 to 24 pages in total length.  Once published, the book will only be sold on and its subsidiaries or any other partner sites approved by Melanin Origins Executive Leadership.  The author may not create her/his own personal website to host the book for sale.  Each author will receive a 10% royalty for each book that she/he produces for the life of the book.  Lastly, authorship requires an investment of $0.


Investors:  Financing a book requires a $2,500 investment.  Investors will recoup a 10% lifetime royalty of net profits from each book financed, as published by Melanin Origins. 


Series Brand Ambassadors:  Ambassador duties are two-fold: 1) secure quality authors and/or 2) secure book financing investors.  An ambassador will recoup $50 per Melanin Origins signed author & a 5% lifetime royalty of net profits from each book, per book financing investor secured.  Lastly, ambassadorship requires an investment of $0.


Payments:  Royalty Payments for Authors, Investors, and Ambassadors are made bi-annually: December 1-15 & June 1-15.  Melanin Origins financial reporting is done through IngramSpark, Square, and Stripe.  Full, secure reports from those entities will accompany Royalty Payments.


Additional Brand Ambassadors are needed in the areas of:

1.    Publishing Referrals

a.    $100 per new client secured

b.    Children’s Book Publishing Price = $3,000


2.    Bulk Book Sales

c.    10%; 50-99 Books

d.    15%; 100-499 Books

e.    20%; 500+ Books

f.     Wholesale Price = $6 per book

        i.    $10 per book at a 40% discount

3.    Curriculum Sales

g.    15% Commission

h.    Curriculum Price = $149.74

       i.    That price is per classroom, so suppose you secure one (1) Independent School District (ISD) which has six (6) elementary schools with each elementary school having four (4) 1st grade classes in them.

       ii.    $149.74 x (6 x 4)

       iii.    The sale would gross = $3,593.76

       iv.    Sales Commission = $539.06

       v.    FYI – New York City ISD has over 600 elementary schools


Payments:  Commission Payments are made at close of sale.


At Melanin Origins LLC, EVERYBODY EATS!  Send us a note HERE if you’re interested in 1) building generational wealth for your family and 2) joining a family that is spreading Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, not just throughout this great nation, but across the globe.  What’s Your M.O.?