Melanin Origins' Executive Summary

Executive Summary

The mission of Melanin Origins LLC is to provide quality educational materials which inspire young minds to aspire for excellence while embracing their heritage.  Our vision is to become the largest Culturally Competent book provider in the United States.  Phase One of our vision is to write children’s books about lesser known historical figures for children ranging from pre-birth to six years of age.  Melanin Origins will produce several series’ of books and each will contain seven to ten books.  In addition to that, each series will give special attention to a certain cultural group as well. 

For instance, our first series of books highlight African American pioneers and our second series will highlight the lives of outstanding Latino innovators.  We plan of including Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, & African cultural figures as well.  The goals of Melanin Origins LLC are to have our products in Schools, Libraries, and Bookstores nationwide and in the international marketplace.  Our charity of choice is Bold Lips For Sickle Cell, a 501(c)3 organization, and we make our products available to corporations for their giveaway purposes as well.  Phase Two of the vision of Melanin Origins LLC is to have a multifaceted approach and expand our products to include supplemental curriculum for teachers in the classroom, mobile applications, and a cartoon series. 

All of these elements will have an educational focus and will be based off the concepts in our books.  Our curriculum is currently being developed by The Cole Lab and our cartoon short can be viewed HERE.  Phase Three of our vision expounds on our previous learning materials and provides them to Middle Grade readers and lastly to Young Adult Readers.  In addition to providing the books for different cultures and age categories, Melanin Origins will also have the curriculum, mobile applications, and video animation / video production provided for all segments of our target audience.

Through extensive research, the Executive Leadership of Melanin Origins LLC has determined that the children’s book industry is devoid of culturally competent literature of lesser known historical pioneers for children in Second Grade and below.  American pedagogical theorist and President of the National Academy of Education, Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings, is a leading advocate for what we practice at Melanin Origins - Culturally Responsive Pedagogy.  Melanin Origins is in a pivotal position to provide such information to Schools, Libraries, Bookstores, and the world as we know it.  Learn more about our learning materials and services at